European and international projects

We promote the dynamization and internationalization of clusters and sectorial organizations in national and international scope.


How are our projects?

Due to our experience and involvement in various international innovation projects we can provide strategic advice in the following areas: Industrial Biotechnology, Advanced production systems in Agriculture, Livestock and Aquaculture based on Industry 4.0, Innovative systems and practices to promote active, healthy and sustainable ageing.


ACTTiVAte - Clusters for Technology Transfer and new Value chains The overall concept of this project is to support innovation in SMEs and foster the smart reindustrialization of Europe....

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IDConsortium Project ACTTiVAte background 01


The RUSTICA projects provides a technical solution to convert organic residues from the fruit and vegetable sector into novel bio-based fertiliser products of high quality that address the needs of modern (organic) agriculture. The project’s ambition goes beyond the simple recovery of nutrients, and also includes the developments of economically viable and environmentally sustainable alternatives to mineral fertilisers with the same or improved agronomic value.

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IDConsortium - Project (Rustica)

We assist our customers through the entire innovation project management cycle, from the idea to the commercial product.

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