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EIC Transition Open 2021 – Research & Innovation Actions

EIC Transition projects should address both technology and market/business dimensions where iterative learning processes based on early customer feedback is possible. These activities should include a suitable mix of research, technology development and validation activities to increase the maturity of the technology beyond proof of principle to viable demonstrators of the technology in the intended field of application (i.e. up to Technology Readiness Level 5 to 6) in the attempt to address market readiness towards commercialisation and deployment, as well as other aspects of regulation, certification and standardisation, aimed at getting both the technology and the business idea investment-ready.


Expected call opening date

19 May 2021

Deadline to submit applications applications

22 September 2021

Starting of projects



Member States and eligible non-EU countries – associated countries and low and middle income countries.

Total EU Budget for the year

Average budget per project

Number of projects to be funded

A single legal entity established in a Member State or an Associated Country – an SME or a research performing organisation OR a small consortium of minimum two and maximum five independent legal entities.


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