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About IDConsortium

IDConsortium is a consultancy firm founded in Seville, Spain, in 2009 with the aim of helping researchers and businesses to internationalise and showcase their Research and Development (R&D) by joining international consortiums to pursue different lines of research, development and innovation. The firm is an offshoot of IDAction S.L., a company with a wide range of experience in managing R&D, innovation and investment projects.

Our main objective is to turn research initiatives into R&D projects.

We use our proprietary «Just Research it!»​ (JRI) methodology to seek out the best partners for our clients, to secure the funding needed to develop the project, and to ensure that the initiative reaches society as groundbreaking products and services that can both transform and improve the way we live.

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Our Mission

Our mission statement is a way of explaining how we do things. We believe that we can be what we want to be.

Our mission is to turn an idea into a reality

We want to help solve society’s problems using technology and innovations. We do things differently. It is our duty to turn ideas into a solution, contribute to the global society, place all our resources into improving the world we live in, be efficient, and create simple solutions for today’s global problems.

We based our continued growth on how hard we work but our ideas, courage and conviction define us

Bravery is not about diving head on into an empty swimming pool, it is about someone who evaluates a situation, analyses it from different points of view, and carefully taking a step forward. It is not a matter of having the genes, bravery is about having the attitude and be open to learning.

We will shape our future by the wealth of knowledge

That we acquire and not limit ourselves from our own surroundings but beyond the borders that we live in. This is our own legacy, to open our minds to others who will challenge us to make us better.

We want to do the right thing

and these global challenges require immediate action. So… let’s work together!

Meet the team

Our team comprises a group of young professionals.
From technological, scientific, legal and economic backgrounds.

The right people at the right time.

Macarena Sanz



Learn more about Macarena!

Macarena Sanz received her Agricultural Engineer degree from University Politécnica in Madrid and her Executive Master in Business Administration from IESE in Madrid.

Her working life began at Accenture where she worked as a consultant. After almost 5 years of working in international consulting on projects for clients such as EADS and BP, she joined the IDAction team and founded IDConsortium. The main motivation to take this leap was to bring interesting international projects like the ones she had experienced in Accenture to Andalusia (her homeland). Within the first 3 years, she won 2 relevant European projects for the region, Fertiplus, and Fuel4ME. Now, Macarena is the managing director of IDConsortium.

She is a mother of two amazing children of 4 and 6 years old and her family is her passion and number one priority in her spare time. She also has several hobbies such as swimming, Easter week in Seville, skiing, gardening, flamenco dancing, reading, traveling, photography, playing guitar, and going to the cinema.

Jesús Izquierdo Rivera



Projects: Life Agremso3il | Chic 


Learn more about Jesús!

For more than 8 years, Jesús has developed his professional career in the ICT sector. During his university study, he obtained a grant from the Spanish Ministry to work as a researcher. In the private sector, he worked in companies related to telecommunications infrastructures in business development departments. Soon after, he went to work for large corporations in the ICT infrastructure sector and then went on to provide technical training at an international level. Several years later, he moved to a management position in the Spanish Association of Telecommunications Engineers as a General Manager.

Jesús Izquierdo Rivera is a Telecommunications Engineer graduate at the University of Seville and became an expert in innovation management at ESADE and UNIR, and digital marketing at a few business schools. His skills include business management, people management, event management, analytical, proactive, leadership, self-taught, creative, conflict resolution, and problem-solving. Currently, he is a Project Manager in IDConsortium where he performs financial, grant writing, and consulting tasks related to H2020, PRIMA, and LIFE projects. In addition, he trains and informs himself about Horizon Europe calls such as ERC and EIC, and the NextGeneration projects at the European and Spanish level.

His experience and continued training make him a person with high digital and management skills. A profile that brings a lot of value during these times of digital transformation.

Álvaro Tamayo



Learn more about Álvaro!

Alvaro Tamayo is Project Manager of IDConsortium, geologist graduated at the Complutense University of Madrid. After extensive experience leading fieldwork campaigns as geologist with international experience in France, Chile and Tanzania  he has been working as grant proposal writer and management in several EU projects in H2020 during the last years. He has also a deep background in coordinating several collaborative projects under the framework of the Fast Track to Innovation call, provided him with important skills to coordinate multidisciplinary projects.

Andrea Marí Sanchis



Learn more about Andrea!

Since she began her professional career, she has always focused on generating profit through innovation for the entities where she has worked and those she has had as clients. With a multidisciplinary background, her work addresses: the identification of funding opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship projects, the competitive analysis of new technologies, products, and services, the design of new business models, the management and exploitation of intangible assets, the design of methodologies, processes, and protocols to improve the internal practices of the companies. She is fluent in the direction and management of project portfolios, highlighting her experience in innovation ecosystems such as the EIT Digital, EIT Climate KIC, and EIT Mobility and innovation networks such as the Technology Transfer Network of the European Space Agency (ESA) or the network of innovation HUBs in Chile, both focused on technology transfer. 

She holds an MSc in Industrial Management Engineering and a BSc in Industrial Design Engineering. She has participated in several business incubators as an entrepreneur, receiving several recognitions and awards. Her work as a consultant has allowed her to work with different types of international entities (start-ups, universities, R&D Centers, SMEs, Corporates, Public administrations) working in different industrial sectors.  

Her experience in the management of intangible assets allows her to design management methodologies and protocols according to the customer needs, and to work on the prioritization of portfolios of intangible assets, analyzing their marketability, defining the strategy of protection, exploitation, and commercialization of the assets.

Ronald Tipan



Learn more about Ronald!

He is a skilled communication professional with a strong interest in EU and international affairs and extensive professional experience working at international organizations, NGOs, or companies in the area of public, policy, and advocacy affairs. He also has strong project management, external and donor relations, project research, marketing, and communication experience that will allow him to utilize within the company. He has acquired a variety of skills including project and finance management, content production, data analysis, donor relations, event coordination, and supervising interns and staff throughout his career. He has also obtained an EU Project Management Training certificate.

He has a master’s degree in European Studies from KU Leuven in Belgium and a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College Chicago in the United States.

In the last 10 years, he has volunteered all over the world where he gained expansive working experience and newfound skills while immersing himself in the local culture. He went diving in Malaysia, snowboarded in Switzerland, played baseball in Belgium, and hiked Mt. Everest base camp. He is adventurous and likes the outdoors. In his spare time, you will see him hike in the nearby forest or explore his neighbourhood on a bike.

Rosa María Hernández

Learn more about Rosa María!

Rosa holds a degree in Economics from the University of Salamanca. She has always held positions related to the financial management of SMEs, carrying out accounting, administrative and management assistance tasks.

It has a strong capacity for document management in applications for public funding.

She currently provides administrative support in all projects in which IDConsortium is involved.

Our clients & partners

ID Consortium - Company partner (Ferrovial)
IDConsortium Partner Wageningen
IDConsortium Partner Madrid Aerospace 02
IDConsortium Partner Q4I
IDConsortium Partner Leeds
IDConsortium Partner TechnologyPartners
IDConsortium Partner OWS
IDConsortium Partner DCU
IDConsortium Partner Inegi
IDConsortium Partner IESE 02
IDConsortium Partner PTS
IDConsortium Partner Tecnova 02
IDConsortium Partner UPV
IDConsortium Partner Indra
IDConsortium Partner UPM
IDConsortium Partner Tecnalia
IDConsortium Partner Aqualia
IDConsortium Project LIFE AgRemSO3il CSIC

And many more around the world...

ID Consortium

We assist our customers through the entire innovation project management cycle, from the idea to the commercial product.

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