ACTTiVAte – Clusters for Technology Transfer and new Value chains

The overall concept of this project is to support innovation in SMEs and foster the smart reindustrialization of Europe.


What is ACTTiVAte?

The overall concept of the ACTTiVAte project is to support innovation in SMEs and foster the smart reindustrialization of Europe. This will be achieved by enabling the emergence of new cross-border and cross-sectoral value chains resulting from the translation of advanced technologies among selected sectors with strong synergiesThese new value chains will be created through the interaction between the following sectors: aerospace, agrifood, health and ICT.

The development of the new value chains will be facilitated by setting up geographical poles of activitiy in different regions across Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Ireland and Poland.

Date: June 2016-2019

Location: Europe Union
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to enable the creation of an appropriate innovation ecosystem




capable of assessing technical feasibility, providing technical advisory and assessing the future potential of proposed innovative services and products



that will operate at a cross-cluster level providing business support services and helping to establish networks for collaboration


ACTTiVAte will undertake 2 kinds of activities to optimize the benefits to SMEs:

ACTTiVAte will launch a competitive call for proposals in June 2017. Proposals will be selected by evaluating:

  • (i) the technical excellence, feasibility and viability of the project
  • (ii) the potential to create new value chains; and
  • (iii) the regional socioeconomic impact of the proposed solution.

The selected projects will receive an amount of up to EUR 46.000 each to accomplish the following objectives:

  • (1) to develop a technology commercialization strategic plan (EUR 6.000) and
  • (2) to develop a proof of concept (up to EUR 40.000).
ACTTiVAte will provide a wide range of business support services selected SMEs, the pool of business support services provided by ACTTiVAte includes:

  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization Training Workshops (“Tech CommAcademy”)
  • One-to-one Mentoring & Coaching Program
  • Brokerage and B2B Matchmaking Events
  • Investment Readiness Training Workshops
  • Investment Forums (IF)
  • Mobility and Exchange Program
  • Follow-up Scheme and Help Desk Facility

Our partners of ACTTiVAte consortium

IDConsortium Partner Madrid Aerospace
IDConsortium Partner TechnologyPartners
IDConsortium Partner OOST
IDConsortium Partner AgriFood Capital
IDConsortium Partner Wageningen
IDConsortium Partner AeroPlan
IDConsortium Partner IESE
IDConsortium Partner PTS
IDConsortium Partner Tecnova
IDConsortium Partner EBN
IDConsortium Partner Inegi
IDConsortium Partner DCU
IDConsortium Partner AFI
IDConsortium Project CHIC IDconsortium

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