PRINCE – Desarrollo de una PRoducción porcina más sostenible a través de la mejora del ÍNdice de ConvErsión


What is PRINCE?

According to the State Programme of R+D+i Oriented to the Challenges of Society, specifically the «RETO EN SEGURIDAD Y CALIDAD ALIMENTARIA; ACTIVIDAD AGRARIA PRODUCTIVA Y SOSTENIBLE, SOSTENIBILIDAD RECURSOS NATURALES, INVESTIGACIÓN MARINA Y MARÍTIMA» it tries to give a sustainable and intelligent answer to the challenges related to food safety, quality and safety of food, competitiveness of the agro-food sectors, among others.

The main objective of the PRINCE project is to achieve a more sustainable swine production through genetic improvement and the implementation of advanced technologies in precision agriculture in order to reduce conversion rates.

In other words, the final objective of PRINCE would be to routinely implement automated phenotyping systems with predictive value on farms and to be able to identify the genetic components (markers) of the animal which, by interacting with its microbiome, type of diet and environment, can maximise the productive efficiency of the company. The first is oriented towards the genomic analysis of swine animals, mainly in relation to those genetic components (markers) that have a direct influence on their microbiome. The second line of research is oriented towards the analysis, study and development of a technology that, based on phenotypic identification, can predict characteristics directly related to the intake and assimilation of food by the animal.

This project is led by Hendrix Genetics SAU, the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). IDConsortium acts as a subcontracted consulting company for administrative support.

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