TEDS4BEE – Ensayo de Servicios Digitales para la Eficiencia Energética de Edificios


IDConsortium - Projects (TEDS4BEE)

What is TEDS4BEE?

TEDS4BEE aimed to run a Digital Service in the 16 buildings located in 5 countries. The Digital Service was EMMOS (Energy Management and Monitoring Operational System), that makes possible to collect, storage and analyse consumption data and other parameters that influences the energy consumption.

The TEDS4BEE main objectives were:

  • Integration and validation of EMMOS as the Digital Service in the 16 buildings with all the related activities like training the local ESCO and user, adaptation of EMMOS to the buildings, deployment of EMMOS in each building, gathering energy data through EMMOS and validation of EMMOS as a digital service in the buildings.
  • Assessment of the collected data in terms of energy efficiency and savings, define the business and exploitation plans to anticipate the sustainability and the scalability beyond these pilots and user’s acceptance through surveys.
  • Expected impact emissions reduction in buildings between 15% and 30%.

Date: February, 2013 – July, 2015

Location: Europe Union

Our partners of TEDS4BEE consortium

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