Horizon Europe is the European Union’s (EU) primary funding programme for research and innovation, with a budget of €95.5 billion. In keeping with their objectives to develop, support, and implement European Union policies, Horizon Europe has instituted specific eligibility criterion for receiving Horizon Europe funding, similar to any other global funding organisation. Applicants must comply with specific parameters to get their applications approved. All proposals must clearly indicate why their costs are eligible for funding.

What is Cost Eligibility?

Eligible costs are directly related to the project and for which financial assistance funds may be used. These costs must be paid out directly from the beneficiary’s accounts and should be reconciled and supported by adequate documentation. Costs can be either direct or indirect. Let’s find out what types of costs are eligible.

A.     Personal costs

The staff costs category covers actual salaries, social security contributions, and other statutory expenditures included in the payroll of people working under an employment contract. These contracts are with the beneficiary or an equivalent appointing act and allocated to the action, on condition that these expenses are consistent with the beneficiary’s usual compensation system.

Employees can also be granted parental leave, taxes, and other remuneration related to the country’s laws. The grant also allows for the costs associated with hiring temporary staff, which can be calculated according to the project or the number of days for which they are employed. Provisions for recognizing and compensating the contributions of volunteers have also been made.

B.     Costs of Equipment and Consumable Supplies

All purchases made should be declared as actual or unit costs and should be essential for the project’s progress. Beneficiaries must acquire supplies after carefully assessing the best price to quality ratio and most economical pricing structure. After evaluating the best offers, they should show that they checked, reviewed, and audited each bid before placing orders. The prices paid should be the best market value. Further, to eliminate the risk of the grant monies being used for charging commercial profit margins, beneficiaries must exercise caution when purchasing supplies from other beneficiaries.

C.     Travel, Accommodation, and Subsistence Allowances

Travel expenditures and accompanying subsistence allowances are admissible if consistent with the beneficiary’s regular travel patterns. However, keep in mind that they must not exceed the Commission’s permitted scales on a regular basis. Criteria for declaring travel costs will depend on factors such as the actual distance covered and whether the journey was made to a Member state or third country. All travel should be duly justified, and the essential mode of transport should be considered. Accommodation costs are calculated according to the number of days spent traveling, and the costs of subsistence can include meals and any other incidental expenses.

D.     Equipment, Infrastructure, & Other Assets

Purchases of equipment, infrastructure, and any other assets are to be declared as capitalised costs and calculated according to global accounting standards and the beneficiary’s typical accounting practices. Depreciation will also be calculated and written off per usual standards. The costs of renting any assets can also be included and are eligible under grant regulations.

E.      Costs of Services

The implementation of a project may entail the purchase of products or services to complete specialized activities that beneficiaries are unable to complete on their own. This does not imply that elements of the activity directly connected to the action’s core goals are externalised.

After going through the eligibility criteria for the application form, if your proposal is eligible considering all the factors and all the types, fill the required form, receive the funding, and you can get a little closer to your dream!


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