In order to develop a European proposal that can be seen as excellent by the evaluators and the European Commission it is necessary to take the necessary time in order:

  • To be able to come up with an innovative design that fits what the European Commission wants.
  • To look for the best partners for the proposal.
  • Hold at least 1 face to face consortium meeting and several online during the preparation of the proposal.
  • Write a good document with dedication.
  • Be able to make several iterations with partners and other entities such as National Contact Points.
  • Provide an attractive format for the reader of the documents.

Our recommendation is that a good proposal needs a minimum time of 6 months with full dedication of an interdisciplinary team.

The proposal should start with an innovative idea from an expert on the subject matter. We recommend outlining a project concept. The concept should be a sketch of what the proposal will be where it is defined:

  • The pillars on which the innovation bringing project will be based. These pillars can be groups of technologies, innovative tools such as platforms, specific stakeholder groups, innovative methodologies, innovative pilots.
  • Main activities that will compose the project, i.e. a first draft of the work packages.
  • Main roles and type of partners that are needed to carry out the activities.

The concept should be validated by external persons with expertise in the call you are approaching. We recommend involving the national contact points from the beginning, as they provide in most cases valuable feedback. They can also act as a bridge to the EC and to give notice of the proposal being prepared.

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