When you are filling a form for something as important as obtaining funding for your research or innovation projects, every aspect or every small detail of your application form, is very important. The application that you submit decides whether or not your research or innovation project will get the necessary funding in order to forge ahead and get the green light to proceed.

                In addition to filling an excellent proposal, the ideal situation would be to have the proposal be evaluated by the optimal evaluators. The European Commission selects evaluators based on the keywords you include in your proposal. The keywords match with what the experts list in the Funding & Tenders portal. Therefore, your key points must be very clear and in which sectors or technologies are the most innovative aspects of your proposal in order to identify the keywords and allow the EC to select the most appropriate evaluators for your proposal.

Keywords are completed in the part A of this first form. They are completed in the same section as the proposal name and acronym, project duration and abstract.

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