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Europe Invests €213 Million in Circular Bioeconomy to Fuel Innovation

The Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) has unveiled its plan for 2024, allocating a significant €213 million investment towards fostering competitive circular bio-based industries in Europe.


This ambitious funding initiative will address 18 topics, aiming to push the boundaries of innovation and sustainability in the sector.

At the forefront of the Programme are the Innovation Actions – Flagship projects (IA-flagship), with a total allocation of €60 million across three key areas, each receiving a substantial €20 million. These projects aim to revolutionize the industry through sustainable oil crop valorisation, cost-effective biomass conversion for platform chemicals, and the utilisation of natural fibre feedstock, setting a precedent for future bio-based value chains.

The CBE JU’s funding extends to a wide array of Innovation Actions (IA), with €15 million dedicated to each initiative. These actions include the development of soil-biodegradable bio-based materials, leveraging microalgae for high-value applications, and expanding the array of commercially available Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) solvents. Notably, there is a focus on circular construction materials, sustainable production of lignin-derived aromatics, novel bio-adhesives, and the conversion of biogenic gases into valuable chemicals.

Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) will receive targeted funds to address critical areas such as the valorisation of contaminated wood waste, biotechnological alternatives to animal-derived materials, and innovative crop protection solutions. With investments ranging from €7 million to €10 million, these initiatives are designed to address specific challenges and pave the way for new, sustainable bio-based products and technologies.

Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) will see €4 million directed towards novel agricultural collaborations, while €3 million will be allocated both for inclusive participation in bio-based systems and for supporting the CBE JU Deployment Group. These actions are crafted to encourage a unified approach towards innovation, involving diverse stakeholders such as primary producers, regional authorities, and investors.

    IDConsortium - Europe Invests €213 Million in Circular Bioeconomy to Fuel Innovation

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