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Creation of the European digital innovation hub: Di4Air

In October 2020, a Di4Air consortium was created to promote digitalization in the Airport and Aerospace sectors in the Madrid region.


Di4Air is a consortium of public and private entities, coordinated by the University Carlos III of Madrid. Di4Air is composed of some of the most relevant companies at the European and global level in the management and innovation of the Aerospace and Airport sector, such as FerrovialAirbus- España and Indra, as well as 4 highly innovative companies and institutions such as Universidad Carlos IIIEIT DigitalSMEBOOK, and IDConsortium.

Based on the main challenges of the sectors, Di4Air, through an innovative methodology, will select projects based on digital technologies proposed by SMEs through annual calls for proposals. The selected SMEs will be able to carry out their projects for 16 months in close collaboration with the consortium members. In addition, they will be provided with services in different areas such as consultancy, mentoring, and coaching related to the analysis of digital maturity and definition of strategic digitalization plans, access to testing and prototyping facilities, integration services, training, employee exchange programs, access to public and private funding services, search and connections with technology partners and access to different European and international innovation ecosystems.

Di4Air was created with the intention of promoting digitalization in such a relevant and strategic sector for the Community of Madrid. For this reason, it has been selected by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism of the Spanish Government to form part of the European network of Digital Innovation Hubs.

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