European innovation council pathfinder open 2021

EIC Pathfinder Open may support your work, especially if it is highly risky: you may set out to try things that will not work; you may be faced with questions that nobody knows the answer to yet; you may realise that there are many aspects of the problem that you do not master. On the contrary, if the path you want to follow is incremental by nature or known, EIC Pathfinder Open will not support you.

Expected call opening date
  • 08/04/2021
Deadline to submit applications applications
  • 19th of May
Starting of projects
  • 2022
Total EU Budget for the year
  • 168M€
Average budget per project
  • 3M€
Number of projects to be funded
  • 55
  • at least three independent legal entities, each one established in a different Member State or Associated Country and with at least one of them established in a Member State
Target applicants
  • Single applicants or small consortia (two partners) may be able to apply for PathfinderChallenges according to the call specifications
Main stakeholders
  • Proposals should address the diversity of the EIC-EIE stakeholders

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