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First stakeholder platform meeting!

The Stakeholder Platform aims to integrate the views of several interest groups that have the potential to shape and influence with the contribution the overall project development and commercialization in the various stages of the project.


Along with the invitation to join the platform, for example, the targeted actors will be encouraged to give input to the project evolution regarding acceptance and opportunities connected with the implementation of AgRemSO3il technical stakeholder platform.

The objective of this platform is to contribute to the technical development of AgRemSO3il technology. For this, we will contact the scientific community with an interest in soil remediation technologies and agricultural pollutant removal. Technical stakeholder platform will serve as a technical advisory board on the development of the AgRemSO3il solution with special interest on investigate pollutants not considered under the scope of AgRemSO3il project.

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Stakeholder platform participants…

  • Miguel Moreno, Bonduelle
  • Yannick Taberlet,  Bonduelle
  • CAE Region Murcia
  • TE Paco Torró Valls, SUR Inver
  • Fulgencio López, IMIDA
  • FCO. Jose Gonzalez Zapater, CARM
  • Nicolas Piñero EXPOAGUILAS
  • José Fenoll, IMIDA
  • Isabel Garrido, IMIDA
  • Macarena Sanz, IDC
  • Felipe Bastida, CEBAS-CSIC
  • Emilio, CEBAS-CSIC
  • Lucas Galera, Novedades Agricolas
  • Caridad Ros, CARM
  • José Garcia, CARM
  • Andrés Sánchez, Novedades Agricolas


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First field workshop of the AGREMSO3IL project stakeholder platform

First field workshop of the AGREMSO3IL project stakeholder platform

Technical coordinator Jose Fenoll from Instituto Murciano de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario y Alimentario (IMIDA) and the prototype engineer Andres Sanchez from Novedades Agrícolas presented the project and its initial results during its first field visit at its pilot site in Cuesta Mula farm, located in Águilas, Murcia (Spain).

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