Interreg NEXT MED Programme Launches Its First Call for Proposals

The European Union is thrilled to announce the initiation of the first call for proposals under the esteemed Interreg NEXT MED Programme.


This groundbreaking initiative is at the forefront of encouraging transnational cooperation to tackle the common challenges across the Mediterranean region. With an impressive budget allocation of €253 million, the programme is committed to driving forward initiatives that embody smart, sustainable, and equitable development throughout the Mediterranean basin.

Interreg NEXT MED stands as a beacon for collaborative projects that unite national, regional, and local stakeholders from various EU Member States, alongside EU entities and neighboring non-EU countries, partner nations, overseas countries, and territories. Its core mission is to fortify the Mediterranean area’s resilience by backing projects that collectively address socio-economic, environmental, and governance challenges. Key focus areas include accelerating the adoption of advanced technologies, enhancing SME competitiveness and job creation, promoting energy efficiency, water resource management, climate change adaptation, moving towards a circular economy, and improving education, training, and healthcare services.

The current call for proposals is geared towards four main priority areas, along with their corresponding specific objectives, presenting a total EU contribution of €103.633 million for this call. This funding is set to support projects under the auspices of creating a more competitive and smarter Mediterranean, fostering a greener, low-carbon and resilient Mediterranean, building a more social and inclusive Mediterranean, and advancing better cooperation governance within the region.

Eligible projects are categorized into three distinct types: thematic projects, youth-oriented projects, and governance projects, each defined by specific features and eligibility criteria. The programme warmly invites applications from entities located within the eligible regions of the 15 participating countries, which now include newcomers Algeria and Türkiye, in addition to 13 previous participants.

Financial Requirements:

  • Thematic Projects: Minimum EU co-financing of €1.500.000 and a maximum of €2.500.000, with total eligible costs not exceeding €3.000.000.
  • Youth Strand: Offers €500.000 to €1.000.000 in EU co-financing, with a cap on total eligible costs at €1.200.000.
  • Governance Projects: Between €1.000.000 and €1.300.000 in EU co-financing, with a maximum total eligible cost of €1.500.000.

The EU contribution will not surpass 89% of the total eligible project costs, requiring a minimum of 11% co-financing from the project. Co-financing can be sourced from the applicants’ own resources or from public/private (national/regional/local) funds outside of the EU Budget and the European Development Fund. Notably, at least 50% of a project’s total eligible costs should be allocated to activities within the territories of the Mediterranean Partner Countries.

Project Duration:

Projects should have a duration of no less than 24 months and not exceed 36 months.

Application Deadline:

Proposals must be submitted by 30th April 2024 via the online application form found on the programme’s official website. This platform also provides access to comprehensive guidelines and reference documents essential for applicants. This call underlines the programme’s dedication to nurturing innovative solutions, enhancing multilevel governance, and fostering inclusive development to effectuate a significant impact on the Mediterranean region’s future.

For further details, visit the Interreg NEXT MED Programme Website:

IDConsortium - Interreg NEXT MED Programme Launches Its First Call for Proposals