Research infrastructure services for rapid research responses to COVID-19 and other infectious disease epidemics

Proposals under this action will integrate research infrastructure services to form a comprehensive and inclusive portfolio to support research in response to infectious disease epidemics or underpinning respective forefront research in the field.


As a first immediate challenge, the delivered services should support research targeting newly emerging SARS-Cov-2 variants and addressing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Expected call opening date
  • 15 April 2021
Deadline to submit applications applications
  • 06 May 2021
Starting of projects
  • 2022
Total EU Budget for the year
  • 21M€
Average budget per project
  • N/A
Number of projects to be funded
  • N/A
  • Considering the Union’s interest to make accessible to its researchers the most advanced research infrastructures, wherever they are in the world, legal entities established in …India…, which provide, under the grant, access to their research infrastructures to researchers from the Member States and Associated Countries, are exceptionally eligible for funding from the Union under this topic.
Target applicants
  • Research infrastructures from third countries may be involved when appropriate, in particular when they offer complementary or more advanced services, including data, than those available in Europe.
Main stakeholders
  • N/A

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