Demonstration of circular biofertilisers and implmentation of optimized fertiliser strategies and value chains in rural communities.


What is Rustica?

The RUSTICA projects provides a technical solution to convert organic residues from the fruit and vegetable sector into novel bio-based fertiliser products of high quality that address the needs of modern (organic) agriculture. The project’s ambition goes beyond the simple recovery of nutrients, and also includes the developments of economically viable and environmentally sustainable alternatives to mineral fertilisers with the same or improved agronomic value.

The technical solution consists of 5 conversion processes (carboxylic acid platform, microbial biomass production, electrodialysis, insect breeding and biochar production) which can be combined depending on the available waste streams, and integrated with state-of-the-art technologies such as composting. Synergies between the individual conversion processes will be sought and optimized to maximize economic and environmental benefits, and the processes will be demonstrated at TRL7. The resulting ingredients (microbial biomass, mineral nutrient concentrates, insect biomass, insect frass, insect chitin, biochar) will be combined to obtain tailor made fertiliser products adapted to specific crop needs.

IDConsortium - Project (LIFE AgRemSO3il)

Latest News:

IDConsortium will be involved in the following actions:

  • Internationalisation of Research and Innovation in Spain, through the creation and dynamization of European Consortia with high visibility in Spain in order to develop Research and Innovation activities.
  • Collaboration in research, development and innovation project designs and planning, starting at the preparation phases all the way to their execution.
  • Management of financial lines that are unlike the traditional Financial Entity ones, for company investment projects and all other types of entities.
  • The management of the dissemination and exploitation of results in R&D projects.
  • The management of financing lines other than the traditional Funding Agencies, for investment projects in companies and of any kind of entity.

Project Objectives

  • To optimize and demonstrate the suitability of 6 technologies for the recovery of nutrients from fruit and vegetable residues as biofertiliser
  • To demonstrate the integration of technological solutions adapted to locally available fruit and vegetable waste streams with a combined NPK recovery of >90%
  • To demonstrate the production of 3 types of biofertilizer blends for circular re-use of nutrients present in fruit/vegetable waste streams, adapted to the local demand
  • To demonstrate the technical feasibility to replace 5-10% of the current mineral fertisliser use by circular biofertilisers at a regional level by 2040
  • Development of 5 regional multi-actor networks, capable of co-creating and exchanging knowledge, as well as co-developing a business model for a successful implementation of multi-valorisation of regional fruit/vegetable waste streams
  • Pilot scale implementation and demonstration of nutrient value chains in at least 2 study regions and fertiliser validation in 3 test regions
  • Map the impact of nutrient recovery technologies on the nutrient imbalances in the target regions, and develop a roadmap for a nutrient exchange strategy between regions based on the newly available biofertilisers
  • Systemic evaluation of the potential of the individual fruit and vegetable waste streams processing technologies and the combinations into multi-valorisation chains
  • Ensure replicability of the RUSTICA results and approach

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