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Nutrient in Europe Research Meeting (NERM) paves the way for sustainable nutrient cycles

The Nutrient in Europe Research Meeting (NERM), a pivotal event uniting the efforts of five project consortia – Fertimanure, Lex4Bio, Rustica, Sea2Land, and Walnut, convened on the 16th and 17th of April in Brussels.


NERM, organized by ESPP (European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform), serves as a platform to discuss and strategize the development of biobased fertilizers and the closure of nutrient cycles for a sustainable future.

The two-day event witnessed robust discussions on both the technological aspects and market-related issues concerning the development of biobased fertilizers. Representatives from each consortium shared insights, highlighting the significance of collaboration in fostering innovation and sustainable practices within the agricultural sector.

A pivotal moment of the gathering was the final panel discussion, moderated by Chris Thornton of ESPP, where coordinators from the participating projects elaborated on key outcomes. Notable panelists included Kari Ylivainio from LUKE, Laia Llenas from BETA TC, Francisco Corona from CARTIF, Miriam Pinto from NEIKER, and Tessa Avermaete from KU LEUVEN.

One of the crucial findings unveiled during the panel discussion was the significantly lower ammonia emissions observed with the application of biobased fertilizers compared to some mineral fertilizers. The effect was particularly pronounced with decreasing manure inclusion in biobased fertilizers, underscoring their potential in mitigating environmental impacts.

NERM not only served as a platform for knowledge exchange but also provided a roadmap for future nutrient recycling research and development needs. The event encompassed discussions on nutrient recovery technologies, recycled fertilizer production, quality assessment, stakeholder acceptance, and the journey from nutrient recovery to market.

In addition to the substantive discussions, NERM featured a series of parallel sessions, plenary talks, expert panels, and networking opportunities, fostering collaboration and synergy among researchers, industry stakeholders, and policymakers.

As the global community strives for sustainability, initiatives like NERM play a pivotal role in driving transformative change within the agricultural landscape.

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Nutrient in Europe Research Meeting (NERM) paves the way for sustainable nutrient cycles
Nutrient in Europe Research Meeting (NERM) paves the way for sustainable nutrient cycles

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