Interreg SUDOE Program Launches New Funding Call for 2024

In an ambitious move to foster regional development, the Interreg SUDOE program has officially announced its latest funding call, open from February 6, 2024, until May 31, 2024.


This initiative, backed by a substantial budget of €537 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is set to support projects that enhance natural capital preservation, climate change adaptation, social cohesion, and territorial balance across the Southwestern Europe (SUDOE) region.

Empowering Transnational Collaboration for Sustainable Growth

The program seeks innovative projects that can demonstrate transnational implementation, addressing key challenges faced by the SUDOE area. With a focus on adding value and generating impactful outcomes, the projects must involve a comprehensive range of stakeholders, ensuring that each consortium member brings expertise and contributes significantly to the project’s objectives.

Three Strategic Priorities:

Interreg SUDOE has outlined three critical priorities for this call:

  1. Preserving Natural Capital and Strengthening Climate Adaptation (46% of total call budget): Initiatives under this priority aim to protect the environment while enhancing the region’s resilience to climate change (more information about this priority).
  2. Promoting Social Cohesion and Territorial Balance through Innovation (22% of total call budget): Projects here focus on leveraging innovation to achieve equitable growth and development across sectors (more information about this priority).
  3. Innovation in Social Services, Heritage Valorization, and Services (32% of total call budget): This priority seeks to foster social innovation and enhance the value of cultural and natural heritage (more information about this priority).

Comprehensive Support for Holistic Development:

The Interreg SUDOE program emphasizes not just the importance of transnational partnership but also the sustainability and transferability of project outcomes. It aligns with the EU’s overarching goals of sustainable development, gender equality, non-discrimination, and ensuring projects contribute positively without causing significant harm to the environment or society.

Next Steps:

Following the Phase 1 submission deadline (31 May 2024) , the Monitoring Committee will deliberate on the received applications to decide on the commencement of Phase 2, tentatively scheduled for October 2024. This phased approach ensures thorough evaluation and alignment with the program’s strategic goals and the broader EU policy framework.

More information about this programme

Call for Participation:

Interreg SUDOE invites consortia, comprising both ERDF beneficiaries and associated partners, to bring forward proposals that can catalyze transformative change in the region. Projects should be innovative, impactful, and demonstrate a clear understanding of the needs and strategies within the SUDOE territory.

For more information on application guidelines, eligibility criteria, and project requirements, please visit our specific section in the website to the programme.

About Interreg SUDOE:

The Interreg SUDOE Program is a key EU initiative aimed at promoting regional development through cross-border cooperation. By supporting projects that address shared challenges and opportunities, Interreg SUDOE contributes to the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of Southwestern Europe.

Contact Information:

For more information about the Interreg SUDOE program and the current funding call, please contact:

Macarena Sanz
+34 619856468

IDConsortium - Convocatoria 2024 Interreg SUDOE

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