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Exploitation, dissemination and communication update

CHIC is the Chicory Innovation Consortium. The project’s main objectives are 1) to implement New Plant Breeding Techniques (NPBTs) in chicory in order to establish it as a multipurpose crop for the production of health-related products with clear benefits for consumers, and 2) to develop co-innovation pathways with stakeholders for game-changing technologies, such as NPBTs.


The overall objective of Work Package 7 (WP7) is to inform stakeholders and the broader public in innovative ways about project activities, results, and related topics. 

Specific objectives are:

  • To ensure the effective exploitation of the results, including the handling of IP issues
  • To ensure efficient data management under FAIR principles
  • To communicate and disseminate the project activities and results to a wide range of stakeholders
  • To communicate and disseminate to the broader public including innovative Art-Science activities
  • To support the knowledge transfer to farmers, growers, and breeders


In the last 18 months, news, articles, and videos have continued to be published through the project’s social networks. However, Anna Dumitru and Alex May are continually working with CHIC consortium members to develop its sculptural and bio-digital installation entitled “Biotechnology from the Blue Flower.” Jill Scott and Marille Hahne are also continually developing the “AFTERTASTE” project based on the health of the human olfaction and gustatory systems and finishing its movie entitled “Chicory Unpact.” Educational activities for “early-state researchers” and a CHIC game are being developed by the DEI Group from University Carlos III, where it uses virtual, augmented reality, and ICT technology to educate teenagers about the CHIC concepts.


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